Messages by the Masters of the Pyramids

Gold Coast November 2012

Gold Coast November 2012

(The Masters have their own kind of language and I refrain from editing into 'perfect English)

We will communicate today on how you can raise your own Vibration and the Vibration of your fellow brothers and sisters.
Start here: Make it a daily exercise to see and experience yourself just as a Vibration. This is what you truly are… Begin your day like this, just tune for a while into the Vibration that you are at that moment. When you do it again the next day the Vibration that you are might be different, so don’t expect the same.
Just by bringing your focus towards Vibration you are increasing your awareness that you are just that.
The ones who work towards Healing with others will experience then improved results, you are more aware that you are just working with a different form of Vibration. In these times of Awakening this is the most effective way. You bring it back to the Core, back to the Core Being. You will have much work to do in the future ahead.
You will see many fellow brothers and sisters struggling, struggling with the increase of the overall vibration in your dimension. In many of them it will trigger deep routed fears. Many of them will believe they lose their mind what is true in some sense but of course it is scary for many of them.
The more you work on the Vibration level you can support them to adjust and to let go of the attachment and the belief that they are a body.

Make sure that you keep your excitement about the overall development of humanity alive. Be aware of the changes you can see: gradual increase of awareness, of connection, increase of a sense of unity. There are more people in this world who are ready to unite then it is obvious.
The reliance on what you call governments is fading away more and more. These institutions you created are like the towers of power and control, the towers of darkness.
In every country they still have an influence towards division amongst people; but be clear, the power is fading day by day.
In the coming month you will see signs of what we are communicating here. More and more so called scandals will come to the surface and the power houses will be shaken by it to the core. What is changing that their workings to enslave humanity cannot be hidden anymore. The light that we are sending to you, like many other Masters, have the impact that the workings of the darkness are more obvious already. They have never been so obvious in all your human history.
In order not to step into fear see it as a natural process that these power houses and what created them are falling to pieces.

- Establish the strongest possible connection to the core of your planet that vibrates pure love. By doing so you always will feel a sense of stability and you don’t get caught up in increasing fear vibration.
- Choose the most natural environment for yourself that you possible can.
- Show your care for the planet by truly appreciating what it supplies for you.
- Look after your own plants, connect more with the plant people, plant yourself, enjoy the growth and enjoy what they give to you as a food source.

This has much more value than to go into one of these places which you call supermarkets. It is empty. Grow your own as much as you can and you are tapping also into pure life force. You are then part of creation and it makes you feel stronger, it is a process of empowerment for you.

Do not buy into predictions around the extinction of humanity; this is not in the greater plan at all. It is about transformation, not extinction. But what you will see is an increase of Souls who want to leave the planet just because they don’t want to be part of the transformation.
Community based life on your planet will increase in importance and it will become more and more obvious that the non-sustainable small family life structure will also come to an end. This structure is also related to the separation that you created on your planet, this will also change. More and more people will want to live in greater communities. So you are coming back to the natural state of living together.
We also want to point out that the only significance of the much talked about 21. December alignment this year in your counting is that it opens a new portal where
inter-dimensional Vibration will flow in a very increased way towards your dimension.
Yes, your planet will react to it as well. Your planet will be also energized and this energy will be then released again through what you call earth changes. But you don’t have to expect so called ‘dooms day’ disasters. Your planet has been prepared to receive this Vibration and it is perfectly able to handle it. The planet is growing with you and you are growing with the planet, it goes hand in hand.
Talking about energy release – after the alignment it is very likely that for a short while you see an increase of violent outburst throughout the world. Conflicts that were never resolved are coming to the surface. This is a relatively short phase of releasing these suppressed energies.

Share as much as you can with your fellow brothers and sisters and don’t hold back anything.
Come together in circles, this will always be of support.
You can look forward to exciting times ahead and this is how we want to end for today.

Wellington September 2012

Wellington September 2012

(The Masters have their own kind of language and I do not try to edit their messages into perfect English)

We would like to start tonight by reminding you on what you have as a support for expanding your spiritual awareness. As you are all aware of your planet is in a time of change. The changes of your planet and the changes of human kind are completely inter-connected. The changes of the planet trigger changes in human beings. Changes in human beings trigger changes in the planet.

So we would like to remind you that you are one with your planet.. We like to advise you to make the interconnection between the planet and yourself as a topic and practice to fully connect and focus on experiencing yourself with the vibrations of your planet.

When you meditate, and you might realize this now already, you do not have to strive to go 'out there'. Go in there. In these times where you are in your development process as human kind the more you grow through the connection with your planet the easier it is for each one of you. It is easy to get lost; it is easy to feel out of balance without the true connection to your planet.

Do not get caught up in predictions of unprecedented future disasters, the idea that humanity is on the brink. Humanity is on the brink to a major change – YES, but we want to make that very clear not on the brink to be wiped out. No one in the whole universe, either from our dimension or any other dimension, has a wish for you to disappear. You have to go through your process like everybody else did. You are like the children who are still in a process of growing up. Everyone who has a child understands that. You are in a very similar process.

A very big part of your process is that you less and less support the forces of darkness. The ability of yours to distinguish between light and dark is growing. It is growing on a daily basis. Every time when you hear another scandal is coming to the light, another injustice, whatever it might be – applaud it. The dark turns to light.

The dark cannot rule so easily anymore. See that development. Whenever you see it, applaud it, and give your support in the right direction.

There are two main energies we want to emphasis on that are part of your development.

One is the energy of simplicity. The more you go in touch with simplicity, the more you support your development. Shed off what you don’t need in your lives. Shed off what is actually more a burden than that it supports you. Shedding off what you don’t need has an extremely freeing effect on the expansion of your energy field.

As you know, the mind loves complications. The mind loves its dramas. The mind loves its hurts, its vengeance, its separation. So in mind you never will find the simplicity we are talking about. It is not the nature of mind. You created mind as you know it; as a tool of feeling separated from all that there is.

So create as much space as you can to experience yourself outside of the old mind, the Separation energy.

This is not just achievable through meditation. It is achievable in every moment. Practice with that. 

Practice – for example you talk with one of your fellow brothers or sisters, focus on your center and see what you have to say from that place. In order to do so, you need to refrain to jumping easily into conclusions, ideas, interpretations, assumptions. This is mind. When you communicate, connect from the core being – what you see, how you respond, how you connect, is then in a very, very different way. It is pure and it is simple..

So listen… listen … listen with your whole being. Listening just does not happen through your physical ears. You listen with every cell. You listen with the whole energy field that you represent. Simplicity – remind yourself on simplicity.

We touched already on the second energy and that is sound. Practice and experiment with different sound vibrations. It is important that you become more receptive to sound; to sound that you cannot even hear yet, that you can only hear in an altered expanded state of awareness.

Listen regularly to really fine, subtle sound vibrations that you call music that requires you to listen. Part of your awakening is to experience that all the galaxies, the universes are a huge orchestra. In other words, we want to encourage you to awaken your ability to listen to the stars. This is significant as this will also deepen your understanding that everything is inter-connected and that you are part of that everything.
You are the everything!

When you connect (and we want to come back to this aspect for a moment) consciously with your planet, before doing so see yourself covered in the color red. The color red has the vibration that allows you the easiest to connect with the core of the being earth.

Everything that is false, does not serve humanity is falling away. Everything what has made you believe that it should be like this, but it doesn’t serve you, will fall away and it is already happening. It is also part of the simplicity process.

Simplicity and the energy of peace are not to be separated. They are one. As long as you experience yourself in connection with your vehicle, your body, the quality of your physical vibration is still an important part of your development.

So the more light you give your physical body in form of light food, in form of healthy environment, wherever the body feels well and you experience an expansion, it’s the right way to go. In this way you support the process that everything that does not serve humanity is falling away.

We wish to end here for today.

Wellington 2009

 Wellington 2009

(The Masters have their own kind of language and I refrain from editing into 'perfect English)

We like to remind you of the vastness that you are. We look at you and we see you stretching out into the entire Universe. You are everywhere. You exist everywhere. You cannot grasp that yet as you experience yourself in the limiting belief that you are a Human Being only. To see and to refer to yourself as a Human Being only is limiting. You are a spark of Light like We are. Your experience in your physical body is a tiny fraction of who you truly are. The Soul that you represent has unlimited wisdom and access to every knowledge imaginable. The Soul that you are is Limitless. You are pure Existence, pure Life. To reach that place, you need to let go of your over-identification with your physical presence in the human experience. Your over-identification with your physical body creates a prison. That over-identification is imprisonment.

Care for your body in the best possible way with the awareness that it is not You.
You need that vehicle in this dimension so that you can have particular experiences, not more, not less.
Physical presence as you know it right now will not always be required in this dimension of experience.
There is a strong powerful energy coming into your dimension at present with the purpose that you can let go of the over-identification that we mentioned. Everything that supports that process – use it.
Any tool that speaks to you to allow yourself to experience detachment from your physical body – use it.

There is an increasing number of people in your world who experience life threatening illnesses. The Higher purpose of that is that they loose that imprisonment, that they can experience themselves beyond that body. Once people realise that they choose that path it is fulfilled. You don’t have to create that – you can choose whatever you want.
We want to say it again – detachment is not care-lessness – you can care and be detached at the same time. It is not one or the other.
We would also like to give you a symbol that will support you in that process. Some of you refer to that symbol as the Eye of God. It is the form of an eye inside a pyramid.

That Symbol expresses Infinite Life. That symbol supports the process in being more detached with your body. Use that symbol, especially right now. Look at it, allow that vibration to move you.
Everyone who is aware and can live that awareness, that he/she is not the body, can go with the changes at ease. These changes require that what you perceive as matter
will be shattered. What you see and perceive and would call destruction is in actual fact a cleansing. It is part of the process. The detachment from your physical presence will help you to face and go with the changes without unnecessary fear. It will allow you to enjoy it even. You will see and experience that there is just change, not more, not less…

We would also like to highlight that Planet Earth is spinning around its axis increasingly faster. This is an expression that your Planet is increasing its vibration. This also allows your Planet to communicate with the other Planets in your Solar System much deeper. Your Planet wants to feel connected to other planetary Beings much stronger that it ever was before. Your Planet was very isolated for a long, long time. That state of isolation is over. Please understand that the planetary Being Earth is also striving for the experience of Unity.
Allow yourself to tune into that vibration and allow yourself to go with that wish of your Planet and be part of it. All of you have that spark, that wish to experience Unity. Now you have to feel that spark. In doing so you experience Oneness with your Planet…

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