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As there is no space/time continuum in spirit, a online session works exactly the same
like if you would meet Chris-Tian RA in person.

For more details and to arrange a session time please use the contact link.
You can receive your session in English, German or Japanese language.


Guidance and Clarity on all aspects of your life

(1 hour session)

Muram’s Awareness is life changing. His messages can bring deep insight and clarity to your life in those areas that are important for you. He can see the root cause of any particular problem and advises practical tools to resolve it.
During a Channeled Reading Chris-Tian RA functions like a ‘radio‘,receiving messages from the sender Muram, his Spirit Guide.

Before the actual Reading Chris-Tian RA will talk with you about your questions and help you, if necessary, to clarify them. Chris-Tian RA then ’tunes in’ and opens up to Muram, so you can begin asking your questions. Naturally there will emerge more questions in you during the session and you are encouraged to ask everything you need for your understanding.

Sometimes you will experience very unexpected new messages, sometimes they confirm what might have been partly in your awareness already. And this naturally will lead into more trust in your own intuition.

Some examples for possible questions:

  • About the stage of your inner development...
  • Your soul-purpose...
  • The root of a certain problem and how to solve that problem...
  • The needs of your physical body in a BODY READING...
  • Past Life experiences who might still influence your present life...
  • And/or any other questions that might be important for you to be answered…

Muram refrains from any future predictions as you are the creator of your future in every minute of your life. These so called future predictions can be very misleading and easily create wrong expectations and a deep sense of feeling powerless in people.
Muram’s Awareness is about empowerment and self-help, and you will receive clear guidance on how to create at present the future you desire...

It is significant to have a recording of your session. Please bring your phone or other recording device.

Body Reading

(30 min. or 1 hour session)

In this session you can specifically ask about the needs of your body. Muram will address any imbalances
and how to resolve them in a natural way.
You will receive clear and practical advise for your unique needs towards health improvements.
Some weeks later a 30 min. check up session is recommended.

To have a recording of your session is quite important. So please prepare your phone or other recording device. 


photo  Children Reading

(30 min. or 1 hour session)

To know about the Soul – Purpose which your child/children chose, possible past life experiences and Soul connection with other family members will give you a deeper understanding on who they are.

This in turn will clarify and enhance your relationship with them; you will be able to support your child/children on their life path accordingly
by understanding the Being they represent in this life.
And this deeper understanding will reflect into a more harmonious and joyful family life overall.

In addition you can find out about your child’s/children's physical needs, Soul colour and any other question you deem important at present.


Animal Reading & Healing

(1 hour session)

Muram has helped countless animals with physical and/or behavioral problems over the years. If you need help with your pet
then this Reading will clarify the problem and the possible cure.
Animals are especially receptive to energies; to receive Spiral Healing in additionwill be another part of this session.

And in case your pet got lost, Muram is often able to give direction where it is located. This can be done in a 30 min. session.


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