These are some quotes from people whose lives have been touched
by Chris-Tian RA, Muram and the Masters:

" I'm a very special pug dog & my mum Astrid contacted Chris-Tian RA after I suddenly became totally paralysed in the legs & couldn't stand up.
He emailed her back immediately and organised to do a Remote Healing the following day. He was very kind, caring and genuinely took an interest in my wellbeing.
He said after the Healing that he saw I had a stroke and it might take some time until the Healing Energy settles and I come right again. I believed in his ability yet I was absolutely amazed within an hour I was walking again!!!
And ever since I feel good as new... He also told me to have lot's of Omega 3 what I am taking daily now.
If you have a pet that you love & needs help I would totally recommend Chris-Tian RA. His healing has really helped me."
Much love from Myrtle the Pug Dog and Astrid in Wellington

I am writing this the day after the HEART HEALING SEMINAR.

As I woke up this morning, after a very deep sleep last night, I am finding both my heart and body extremely light..almost like never before..

I could not but to send you a short message to thank you so much for this wonderful experience.I was delighted to get to meet the two of you after all this time, and also the people who gathered together yesterday were really lovely to meet..

I can still clearly visualize the direct, deep, straight gaze of the lion that came into my vision towards the end of my meditation yesterday. It was a beautiful experience. 

Also, I can say that I am already experiencing difference in how I feel about myself in the office, as well..this is almost like a miracle: )Thank you so much for sharing your love and light. With love and much gratitude from all of my heart.

Nori,  Civil Servent,  Tokyo

I went to see Chris-Tian and his Guide Muram for a past life reading. I had done a session with a friend a couple of months before, where she said I needed to find some acceptance of my past lives. I also was having minor but recurring fatigue and sometimes fever, and I wanted to know if it was something deeper than just my food and working habits.   
During the consultation with Muram I was surprised by what he said about the past life that was still impacting on my current state, but at the same time I could relate and I felt a sense of relief. It gave me a sense of understanding about certain things I care about and also I am resistant to in my life and personality.   
The following Healing felt very simple. I felt very relaxed, similar to a meditative state, and I got some images of energies changing in my body/energy/field. Afterwards I felt very calm, relaxed and released. And for that day I felt really non-resistant, which felt unfamiliar. 
The day following, I felt a lot of emotional release, like feelings I had been holding onto all came out. It was uncomfortable but felt like the right thing to happen. Since then I experience myself much less resistant, and I've been able to make a lot of progress in my life without feeling forced or strained. It feels wonderful to be more settled into my life now. 
I feel less attached to external things and more focused on my own progress in myself and my energy, also more flow in my emotions. And it seems the healing is still working things out of my body now after many weeks have passed.  

Max, Artist, Kumamoto  

CHANNELED READING – As I was in a transitional time in my life I wanted to know specifically about my soul purpose. Muram gave me clear, detailed and profound answers to every question I asked. Not only he answered my questions, he also gave me a meditation guidance as well, so that I can work on myself to enhance my energy towards my life purpose. I also asked Muram to check the needs of my body, I’m glad I asked! He scanned my body and pointed out a health issue I was not aware of. Then he gave me clear guidance what kind of supplements and herbs to take to heal my body, which was very helpful and valuable!

SPIRAL HEALING – Following up on the Channeled Reading I had a Remote Spiral Healing. Since the imbalance of my male and female energy was pointed out during the reading session, I decided to have Spiral Healing to promote more energy balance and harmony in me. There were unexpected significant changes happening after the Spiral Healing! Having wine at dinner has been my habitual thing for many years. The amount has increased a lot over time and I’ve been telling myself I’d better stop drinking, but I couldn’t. Miraculously I stopped drinking since I had the Spiral Healing! It just came so naturally, and I stopped drinking without any effort!!!

Also every morning I’ve been feeling depressed when I woke up. I don’t know how many years I’ve been like that. (I’m not a depressed person though.) I had to drag myself out of bed every morning. But that depressed feeling has gone! It’s so much easier in the morning and I feel so much more energetic!I’m so grateful to Muram and Chris-Tian for their wonderful work. When I came up with questions after the reading and healing session, Chris-Tian kindly answered and clarified my questions. He has been very helpful and supportive even after the sessions.

Rika, Life Coach, Yokohama

In 2006 when I was referred to Chris-Tian, I was amidst an extremely turbulent and emotional stage of my journey. My Soul was driving me to gain clarity around my confusing childhood experiences, which had begun to reoccur, throwing me into a huge spiritual awakening with ‘no holds barred'.

Through Chris-Tian's Guide Muram I learned many things about my unusual experiences and where I had originated from before incarnating on this planet, all of which rang true within my being and put all uncertainties to rest. Chris-Tian and Muram’s guidance were both enlightening and healing as I felt ‘released’ from the limits of my human mind, which had constantly challenged the truth of my experiences, with its pressure to conform or appear ‘normal’. I no longer deny my spiritual experiences and now embrace almost everything that appears ‘weird or wonderful’. Thank you Chris-Tian and Muram!

During this challenging time Chris-Tian confirmed that our family home no longer suited my energy. With guidance from Muram my family and I were able to transition into a new home and area with ease and grace. In my most recent connection with Chris-Tian, I have experienced a Spiral Healing session and a Reading to look into my reoccurring sinus issues that were driving me ‘crazy!’
During my remote Spiral Healing session with Chris-Tian at our agreed time I instantly felt the flow of healing energy taking pressure off my head. My heart rate became stronger and more noticeable and I had many visions that symbolized a new way of life ahead. Over all

I felt relaxed, clear and lighter than before, as if a weight had been lifted and energy blockages had shifted.
Chris-Tian’s feedback on my Healing session was also invaluable. It is interesting that my business has increased since this healing session last month in September 2012 and I am now grateful to be refined ‘sugar free’, less than one month later.

This is something I have attempted several times over the last four years to no avail. I am finding the clarity and energy without the usual ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ very calming and my body is also celebrating.
Muram’s guidance regarding my sinus troubles were ‘spot on’ and helped me relieve my discomfort in just a few days as he predicted, it has not returned. The miracles in my life keep unfolding and I am grateful for all the magic in the Universe that comes from the gifts that Chris-Tian and Muram have shared with me over time.

Natasha Jones. Intuitive Reader and EMF balancing Technique® Practitioner Gold Coast, Australia

Roland is the much beloved cat of a friend who left him in my care while traveling abroad. One evening he did not come home and when he still hadn't appeared the next morning I knew there was a problem.

I contacted Chris-Tian RA to see if his Guide could give information. I had several very helpful sessions on personal matters with him over the years and I was hoping that he might be able to help here too.

Amongst other information I was told that the cat was safe and well, but was currently roaming. Roland would settle into one area once he realised he was lost. This was a relieve already

I then put up flyers, contacted the animal help department and more. This generated in many strong sightings that the next problem I faced was deciding which ones to follow up.

I contacted Chris-Tian RA again and checked all the different sightings I had collected. His Guide could pinpoint which one actually was the right one, just 3 kilometers away from my house. He also said someone else in the area was feeding him and he would return to this place.

The next morning I received a phone call from the person who had made the original sighting in the area to tell me that the cat was there again. I grabbed the catbox and retrieved the cat immediately.

Fortunately I have Roland back and he's ‘grounded’ for now…

Many thanks to Channel Medium Chris-Tian RA and his Guide Muram

David, Health Practitioner, Wellington

4 years after my husband had passed away, as a widow working so hard to raise my children I visited a psychic clinic. For I could find no more hope in life, and didn't know what to do at all while trying hard to find a way to go forward.

In the channeled reading Muram told me that I was "existing but not living", which shocked me a lot, but he told me clearly where I was stuck and gave me clear direction in a practical and easy-to-understand way how to regain energy and liberate myself.

Later I also received Chris-Tian RA's Remote Spiral Healing and I have been getting more and more joyful and energetic ever since. I can see my life now in a different light, what has been huge conflicts for me turned now into small issues that I can deal with at ease.

I am most grateful to Muram, Chris-Tian RA and Marika (Interpreter) that they always embrace me with such gentleness.


When I had the first reading from Muram, he made me aware about the issues I had been holding for such a long time. In that moment the heavy burden I had been carrying for a long time got much lighter and I could let go of regrets from the past.
Already more at ease he told me that in order to step into the new I need to heal the memory from a particular past life sitting in the right brain.

Therefore I asked Chris-Tian RA to give me a Remote Spiral Healing session. The experience was very significant for me and I had several more Healings later.

Even though I am not so sensitive about energies, I feel a big effect on the physical and mental level, I feel healed and calmed and I always start to feel very comfortable and relaxed a few days after the session.

I can realize the change in myself because small things which used to bother me didn't feel like a problem anymore, and I can go forward more and more with ease. I am also now better at how to use time without consuming unnecessary energy. It is easier for me to anticipate what will happen and I have clearer visions about my future.

Thank you Chris-Tian RA and Muram.

Minue, school teacher, Tokyo

The best healing session yet- Chris-Tian’s Heart Healing.  
Firstly Muram gave me clear insight into the need of my heart, it was simple and profound.  Slightly shocking, deeply moving.  I could feel the realisation of the truth move through my being.  
Then Chris-Tian’s energy work gently enabled necessary releasing and integration to be grounded within me. 
In the days that followed I felt a newfound sense of connection with my fellow human beings.  I can now relate with greater ease and flow.  
I feel more natural, more myself, and experience greater joy as the being that I am.
Thank you Chris-Tian & Muram! 
Cameron, Yoga Teacher, Wellington

I enjoyed my reading with Muram a lot. I was excited to hear what he was saying, because he was coming out with information that was so close to my heart and that I was overlooking all the time. I think that was because we do not trust our intuition enough. Muram confirmed for me my true personality and what I need to look at with special interest. I came to know what was my purpose in life and what area of talent I should concentrate on, which was a big relief because I was very worried about what I was supposed to do in this life.

I was also surprised when he mentioned about my past lives and my experiences. Everything fell into place as to why I think in certain ways about certain things, which was a relief as well. Now I can work on it, from here.

What surprised me the most was what he told me about my health, which I never expected to gain insight about in a channelled reading. Muram helped me tremendously by looking into my body and finding out what problems I have and what needs to be done. I was greatly surprised by this because no one in the past had helped me in this way, and I had been suffering a lot since childhood with certain physical conditions.

Muram just reminded me to change my attitude towards certain things and to remove certain foods from my diet, which after doing, I feel so much more in control of my body.

It feels great just to know what I can do to feel healthy, as I know every person is different.

All in all, I would recommend everyone to have a reading with Muram and start from there. It puts one right back on track, as to where one was born, to travel in this life. After the reading I feel very much more in balance about my day to day living. Thank you Muram.

Nirmala, English Teacher, Madrid

First I had a Skype Reading from Chris-Tian RA, and the moment I heard him I felt totally at ease and relieved because of his inexplicably tender and relaxing voice.

So far I have so many incredible benefits from all his Readings and Remote-Healings, but here I just introduce one example which happened to my mother.

She had no sight at all in her right eye, and her left eye was very weak. She had only the vision of 0.02, which means that she could only recognize the outline of my face vaguely from a 20-30 centimetre' distance.

My mother is in her eighties and lives far from me, so I often call her to check how she is doing. She had kept mourning about her eyes, always complaining that she can't see. "What shall I do if I lose sight completely? Don't you know some good doctor?"
But the doctors told her that if the operation for the left eye failed she would fully lose her sight, so she hesitated to have the operation.
Just then we met Chris-Tian RA on the Internet and asked for a Remote-Spiral Healing in September.

The first change after the session was that my mother somehow stopped complaining about her eyesight.Then when I met her in November her eyesight had already recovered to 0.8 and in December it was back at 1.1 (which is as good as average Japanese people). At the time she had already totally forgotten that she ever had a problem with her eyes...

Her personality also changed so much thanks to the Healing sessions, she is now like a totally different person. Before she always was full of sarcasm, very hard and harsh with me and others what made me often very upset. After the first Healing, she started to be calmer, her speech getting more gentle. After the second Healing she really became nice and gentle.

I am sure that I would have carried the antipathy for my mother all my life if I hadn't met Chris-Tian RA.

I am very grateful. I really thank Mr Chris-Tian RA and his friend and interpreter Marika from the bottom of my heart.

I have come through so many various difficulties in my life, but now I could get out of it thanks to these two. They have a big heart like the Universe which embraces everything. Now after a life long search for true help I found the right people. I would like to express my deepest gratitude.

Hisae, Nurse, Yokohama

I want to tell you that the quality and the congruency of Muram's answers are really extraordinary. What he told me about my mother's situation was absolutely exact and an enormous help for her.

As far as my part of the reading is concerned, it was very useful to me as always!

What I like most about Muram is that he does not limit himself to merely answering the questions literally but sees the true value of the question in that context that I made it. He goes deeply into the question, requiring a certain profundity and clarity which would not be necessary if he were limiting himself to a straightforward answer.
Moreover, the practical help he has given me with this method of his is a reference for me and so the added benefits are many and really hard to estimate. Over the course of the 22 sessions I have had with Muram in the last years the high quality has not wavered.

As far as you are concerned ( to Jill the interpreter ) I wanted to tell you that I feel you are working better and better with Muram and C.RA, so well-suited/coordinated; you make a good team.

Jose, Healer, Madrid

I first met Chris-Tian RA in 2000 during a period of rapid transformation in my life. At the time that we met I had never experienced Channelling and I was very skeptical. However with my strong need for answers I agreed on a Reading.

It was fantastic. I felt a new sense of ease and clarity, and an empowered sense of direction and purpose. Chris-Tian RA’s spirit guide, Muram, was able to read my energy bodies with tremendous clarity. In this way he explained to me the causes and effects that I was currently experiencing, and he gave guidance for me to create my own solutions. Meeting Muram and Chris-Tian RA has changed my life. The clarity and practicality of Muram’s guidance has been, and is still, invaluable in my growth and learning. He has the ability to see me and his words bring about realization and insight within me…

Cameron, Yoga Teacher, Tokyo

Muram is a Master profound in his expressions of guidance. The depth of information he gives often exceeds any other available to the client. This enlightening advise is very often life saving and life changing. My family and myself, friends and clients have had invaluable insights from Muram.

In my experience, he has been able to answer questions on all aspects of life be it around the body, the mind, the Soul or spirit. The four-fold approach to guidance directly from this spirit being is extraordinarily helpful for linking for example physical problems with other aspects of the being, giving a clearer picture than could otherwise be available to the person.

My conscious awareness of the Masters of the Pyramids came through attending a workshop with Chris-Tian RA. I experienced their energy mostly through my first eye, which created a powerful feeling of clarity and heightened awareness. A feeling of being vibrantly whole and at the same time in the flow of transforming change.

I find the energy of the Masters clear, pure and direct. It has definitely helped me to become more aware of the Soul that I am.

The Masters also give clear and simple guidelines in their books on how to awaken to the Soul that you are. For me, their support in my own awakening to my true self is encouraging and illuminating along the path. You don’t have to do it all on your own. Join with like minded Souls on your path. This has also helped me realize that we are all essentially one.
Working with the clear simple meditations given in books, I find very grounding and nurturing and it has been with a sense of well being that I have connected to the Earth energy.

The Masters have helped me to be conscious energetically of the spiral of energy that I am and to resonate with the spiraling energy of others. As an energy worker and healer, I find this brings lasting healing results.

Sally, Cranio-Sacral Practitioner, Wellington

Muram teaches me the reason for my existence. I got through a very hard time in my life... listening to the tapes from my sessions with Muram again and again made me feel relieved and also gave me strength to face the situation.

Mariko, Stage Writer, Tokyo

Muram helped me to find out who I am from a more deeper perspective. I found out what kind of Soul I am and what past-life experiences have effect on me still. He helped me re-realize what direction I should be headed to, and solved a health problem that no doctor has been able to cure.

The Meditations from the Masters of the Pyramids, especially the “Heart and First Eye connection” and “Lose the Fear of Death” had an amazing effect on me.

I recalled an early childhood memory in the “Heart/First Eye” meditation of building a wall around myself because I didn’t feel loved by my mother. This experience eventually helped me heal shoulder pains I have had since my early teenage years.
With “Lose the Fear of Death” I saw a vision of myself after dying, and entering a bright light object floating in the sky. I communicated with a being in the floating object, and was told that I had learned all the lessons on this planet. The only feeling I had left in me then was love and gratitude for my Soul-mate who had supported me with unconditional love.
Since this experience, one of the obvious changes was that I completely stopped smoking. Through the meditation I lost fear of something (perhaps death, ultimately) that kept me pessimistic about life. I was also reassured that things will be okay, and that love is the most natural and powerful state for us.

And by the way, the music Chris-Tian RA uses in the meditations is beautiful and perfect for the purpose.

Meeting and coming in close contact with Chris-Tian RA has led me to the world of spirit. My view of life and the world has changed completely and I have entered a phase of big shifts that is still happening after more than half a year later.

I am grateful for all the support he gave me.

Elli, Singer/Actor, Tokyo

From a number of readings with Muram over the past year or so, in answer to very specific questions, I have received very beneficial insights, understanding and advice on all levels, physical, emotional and also on a deeper, inner level.

Sometimes this affirms, sometimes it is unexpected and always when I have acted on a direction, it has felt right. At the same time, consulting with Muram is not an ‘easy fix’ and leaves freedom for my own work and effort! Over the phone or in the same room is immaterial! I have been amazed at times with the exact diagnosis, which another health professional has not picked up on.

Recently after a Spiral-Healing session with ChrisTian RA, I experienced feeling more balanced and at peace within myself. In conjunction with a reading from Muram, I feel more equipped to meet the challenges of transition and life questions.

Brenda, Steiner School Teacher, Christchurch

I’ve got Chris-Tian RA, a very gifted Channel-Medium, popping into my house to check it for spirits. When I moved into my house some years ago, I always thought there were spirits of some sort there as I kept seeing fleeting shadows in one room particular. It also had a very sad atmosphere.

I met Chris-Tian RA through a friend and he turned out to be fantastic. He could see that there wasn’t just one spirit but five, all Māori. They all had died violently, there have been battles in the area.
With help from his Spirit Guide he showed them the way to the light and send them home. The atmosphere has changed ever since.

David, Journalist/Artist, Wellington

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