About the Masters of the Pyramids

I have always been an adventurer, and at the time of meeting the Masters I was ripe and ready for a new inner and outer journey.

I had been a Channel-Medium and Healer for nearly 15 years in Europe before I heard, and followed, an intense inner calling to live on the other side of Mother Earth… When I came to New Zealand in 1998, I had a deep wish for an even stronger connection to the spiritual world and I knew this beautiful country would be the right place for that opening. My wish was granted the same year by an event at an exceptionally beautiful area on the South Island, Kaikoura.
Walking on the beach at midnight with my partner at that time, I saw a huge ball of light emerge from the sea, hover towards the shore, split up into three smaller light balls, and then disappear behind the mountains.
Despite the excitement, the true purpose of the event revealed itself over the next month.

My first eye, the energy centre on the forehead, began to open up and I experienced exhausting “side effects”, like insomnia and attacks of anxiety just to name a few. Fortunately, at that strenuous time, my ex-wife, Nina, and our second daughter, Laura, came for a visit from Germany. Their presence and the immense support I received from them allowed me to let go of any fears around the unknown and to open up into a new state of awareness.
Images of strange entities and unknown galaxies began to rise up in me and new connections about life began to reveal themselves. I realized that something, or someone, was teaching me. Slowly, I was able to receive the first very clear messages. I had become “a fine tuned radio“.

Nina and I were completely delighted with the highly evolved wisdom that was streaming in, and this conscious connection with the Masters took place. We collected vast amounts of information as well as several meditation exercises in the form of uncountable readings, and created the first book with the Masters which is called “Awaken to your True Self – Journey into the Soul.”

Awaken to your true self - Journey into the Soul

I have never been a believer. Rather, when I have a true experience I can say that I know.
In practicing the meditation exercises, I experienced for the first time in this life complete awareness of the Soul that I AM, a state of indescribable bliss, peace and Light. I realized that passing on the teachings to others was a big part of my vocation, and I began giving talks and workshops. At first I worked together with Nina, and later by myself. During the uncountable workshops that were given all over New Zealand,

I saw many of the group participants screaming out in joy when they touched on the Soul that they are, an awareness they are now able to tap into again and again until it becomes their natural state of being. Guiding fellow brothers and sisters into Soul Awareness is now the highest priority in my life, as it brings our human experience into the right perspective.

In 2003 my body became very ill. It turned out that I had Shingles, a similar virus to Chickenpox. The skin around the left kidney area became inflamed by a very itchy and tremendously painful rash. One evening, when I was on my own, I became so exhausted from this virus that it was impossible to move my body anymore and I fell into a coma-like state.
There was nothing I could do anymore, except to allow whatever needed to happen. I was ready to leave my exhausted body, but then messages from the Masters started to stream in. They showed me images and, in addition, I was able to feel the impact of a Dark Energy on our planet. I could see to what extent Light and awareness was diminished by that Dark Force, and I could see to what extent planet Earth was covered by these dark particles.

Still unable to move my body, tears began to stream down my face. My whole being was shattered by the impact of what I saw and I cried inconsolably for a long time. Then, all of a sudden, I felt my body full of energy, recharged. I got up and a sense of being reborn took hold of me.

It became clear that I had to let go of any physical attachment to be able to receive these messages.

It only took my body three weeks to recover from an illness that most people suffer from for months or even years. My body still carries a five cent coin size red mark on the left kidney area, clearly visible in the shape of a heart…

The message given to me and the impact of the images was the answer to a question I had carried for a long time. “What is the root cause of the condition our world is in and what is the real solution?” “Why is there seemingly no change into a higher awareness visible in the overall consciousness of humanity, despite all the great teachings we have received and still do?“

I never saw it as a given that the human experience is driven by fear, violence, suffering and destruction. But I had not been able to even consider the existence of that Dark Force because of the moral judgement of good and bad attached to it.
Unfortunately, if you read the bible or other teachings who talk about Dark Force being the devil, evil, etc. youThe Transformation of Dark Force and the Awakening of Humankind won‟t find the truth about the purpose of an energy like Dark Force or how to deal with it. The traditional message has always been that there is something bad and scary out there and when you are “good” you are saved from it…
Most of us, especially in the Western world, grew up with that kind of non-sense.

Eager to get all the information possible from the Masters, I stepped into a new cycle of channeled readings with them and soon it became clear that this has to become another book. And every help to achieve that book came to me...


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