This is a collection of carefully selected Videos and Articles
on a variety of topics that I deem especially significant.


No one will ever belief anymore in human made climate change 
after watching this compelling documentary.
Learn who is behind this scam, how highly decorated climate
scientists who have the evidence were sidelined.
And of course who benefits from this hoax...
Climate The Movie


A rather long but worthwhile to watch interview with Dr. Ardis.
Learn about the true origin of the pandemic, what is of help for people
who suffer from so called 'long covid' and also from vax injuries.
I recommend to watch till the end, the truth is shocking but will set you free!
The Antidote


A compelling documentary about the fake green energy movement run by big buisness
and true solutions for humanities energy needs; produced by Michael Moore.
Planet of the humans


A documentary highlightening the deeper causes of human greed
and the effects on our life on Earth.
Human Greed


Graham Hancocks TED talk on the WAR ON CONSCIOUSNESS; amazing.
War on Consciousness


This short video makes you aware about a crucial nutrition missing in our todays diet.
A root cause for the worldwide cancer epedemic, very compelling.
Cancer prevention


This Video is a compelling and simple approach to human health.
Just fantastic and so true, watch till the end!
Health Talk by Raymond Francis


Yes, it's possible to live without food. I met two Breatharians in my life and they were absolutely fine.
Interesting article here,
Living without food


The importance of being grounded and how to do it.
Earthing Video


Former Canadian Defence Minister reveals the truth in this Video.
On 'Space Brothers' and the coverup


If you really care about the health of our environment then this is a must see!
This stunning and very brave documentary unravels the mostly hidden cause
of destruction on our planet. 




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