Spiral Healings


You don't have to be physically present to receive this gentle and powerful Healing.

As there is no time/space limit in Spirit you can receive it where ever you are on the planet...

All you need to do is to email a photo of yours or the person who shall receive the Healing and arrange a time with Chris-Tian RA.
Just make sure that you relax as much as possible while receiving the Healing Energy...

Chris-Tian RA and you will share their experiences after the session via email.

Spiral Energy Healing

(1 hour session)

Spiral Energy Healing is deep acting intuitive Energy work on the higher and lower bodies with the aim of recognising and resolving energy blocks. The self-healing energies will be activated and your overall life-flow increases.

Chris-Tian RA will tune into the unique being that you are and will give you the Healing Energies you need at present. Any physical, emotional and mental imbalance can be addressed. Most physical symptoms have deeper causes and can be brought to the light in a session and then Healing can take place. Even severe diseases can be reached and transformed by Spiral Healing.
Sometimes follow up sessions are required but not always necessary.

Chris-Tian RA works from a state of awareness that everything is Energy and solid form as such is just the perception of the physical senses. With this awareness any blockage and imbalance can be moved and Harmony can be experienced again.

Of course you don’t have to be ‘ill’ to receive this Healing Energy. You just might wish to experience yourself in a higher vibration and gain more awareness about yourself and life. Or you just have a need for deep relaxation, want to feel more energetic and calm. Spiral Healing can provide these qualities too.


Healing of the Heart

(90 min. session)

This session is designed to free the Heart from potential blockages. Most people carry restrictions around the heart for various reasons.
First you will find out in a Reading with Muram what might be the main restriction in your Heart vibration. This can be a fear, an old wound or a limiting belief about yourself.
After the Reading you will receive the Energy Healing required to open the blockage and to liberate and energise the Heart.
A life changing experience for many...


Past Life Integration

(90 min. session)

Find out in a 30 min. Reading with Chris-Tian RA's Guide Muram which Past Life has still a strong
influence on your present life.

This influence can affect you in many forms; an old unexplainable anxiety, pain or sorrow and so on... Also there can be a forgotten talent or interest. Once this Past Life comes to the Light/Awareness, the Healing already begins and you will gain a deeper understanding of who you are.

The second part of the session will be a 1 hour Spiral Energy Healing, connecting and integrating the 'old' experience.

To have a recording of the Reading is quite important. So please prepare your phone or other recording device. If you prefer to record straight on your Computer Chris-Tian RA will give you advise on how to do this.


Brain Sync Healing

(1 hour session)

Chris-Tian RA discovered in his Healing sessions that most people's brain is not in balance, both halves do not communicate in unison causing a variety of disturbances.

Of course the human brain is designed to work perfectly together but our so called 'modern world' contains plenty of brain imbalancing factors. As our brain is the transmitter for true spiritual awareness this imbalance can keep us separated from true in-sight and true in-telligence.

This session is directed to re-balance the brain, activate the cortex (the connection link) and also energize the often dormant pineal gland (referred by Chris-Tian RA to as our FIRST EYE).


Phobia Healing

Phobia Healing

(90 min. session)

Phobias are a wide spread phenomenon, affecting many people around the globe.

There is a vast variety of Phobias, for example to certain animals, people, height, water, fire, closed spaces and many more. Often the root of a Phobia lies in an unresolved past life experience, coming to the surface in similar present situations.

If you are dealing with a Phobia then this Healing can become the turning point. You will get insight and understanding in a detailed Reading with MURAM about the background of your Phobia.

Then you will receive the Spiral Healing session to liberate you from the restricting fear energy.






Remote Group Healing

In this Event you will receive Spiral Healing during a one hour Group session. 
Limited to ten participants Chris-Tian RA will give his attention to each individual as well.

This Event also offers the opportunity to receive the Healing together with friends and/or family members!

You will be informed by email about the next upcoming session, please submit your contact at the bottom

of the home page.

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