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It sounds like a paradox, don’t you think?
During a Meditation this sentence stuck with me and later after reflecting I understood…

Life in human form is an ever changing experience, actually change is the only constant. Our bodies are in a constant process of change; emotions, thoughts, moods, perceptions as well. Besides living circumstances, finances, relationships and work environment just to mention some more aspects of our ever changeable human experience…

In contrast, our spiritual truth, the Souls that we are, are always a constant. The only true constant that defines the energy being we represent. This is where ‘but the same’ can be found. Timeless, limitless, the forever existing spark of life beyond body and mind.
And yes, we accumulate experiences on the Soul level from our multitude of lives; leading to an ever increasing expansion.
Still, the essence one represents stays the same.

You might know the experience of meeting someone new and feeling an instant sense of ‘I know you somehow’. A recognition that can’t be logically explained by any means. Even if the physical appearance might be very different from your former life connection, you recognize in this moment the essence of the other. And you might have met hundreds of years earlier in counting time. ‘But the same’!

The vast majority of people experience the reality of the Soul again only when they return to the source, meaning the body dies.
Some have the experience during anaesthetics, accidents, drug use, severe shock and trauma.

Personally my first experience happened at the age of eighteen during a deep release of emotional pain. In a sudden I was released from the body and experienced an indescribable state of pure bliss. Nothing but pure white light and unconditional love.
Later it became clear that this had been the initiation for my vocation as a Healer and Channel-Medium. About Chris-Tian

Everyone who returns to the same body after this kind of experience has a new, greatly enhanced outlook on one’s life and life in general, unforgettable. And these people also report that the fear of death is a thing of the past.

But for most it’s not necessary to have these sorts of extreme situations in order to reconnect with one’s Soul. Deep, profound meditation can be a fantastic tool to reach this state of awareness. Seminars

And what a difference it makes when one can walk the human journey knowing this. Even when you get caught up in worldly matters over and over again, you always can return and access the state of higher awareness you experienced before; unforgettable!

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Clarifying different forms of Soul-connections

Clarifying different forms of Soul-connections

There is a lot of confusion amongst people about Soul-mates and Twin-souls. I will clarify here what is what and the nature of these Soul connections.

I often hear the question; “how do I meet my Twin-soul?” The answer is you won’t.

A so-called Twin-soul is an aspect of your own Soul and it is not designed that the different aspects of one Soul meet in the physical realm.

In actual fact there can be existing up to 12 aspects of your Soul, in other words you could have up to 11 Twin-souls. I say you could have; not every Soul splits into that many parts.

The Nature of the Soul is all about gathering experiences, that’s why it can split into different aspects in order to gather more.

As an example; one aspect of yours could be in a different dimension, others right now here on planet earth or experiencing life on other planets. Each aspect gathers experiences without awareness of the other existing aspects. Eventually all the experiences feed into the One Soul.

The nature of the Soul That You Are is expansion through any form of experience.

Now let’s talk about Soul-mates.

Actually there is only one Soul-mate that you meet over and over again in different forms. Your Soul-mate is an individual Soul but like a mirror image of yourself. I am not talking physically here but energetically.

If you have an agreement to meet on planet earth you will. Sometimes you have, sometimes not. You always make wise decisions based on what suits your development best.

People often use the term Twin-soul but actually it’s the Soul-mate they are referring to.

If someone has a strong longing to meet its Soul-mate, likely it is a sign that they have an agreement to meet on planet earth.

Contrary to expectations of many, the Soul-mate is not necessarily from the opposite Sex. As I said earlier Soul-mates want to experience each other in different forms. It could be your child, a close friend, your father or mother and the list goes on…

If you meet your Soul-mate in one form or another there is a depth and closeness you won’t experience with anyone else. This is not always instant, sometimes it is a connection you already have had for a while without any sense of the Soul-mate bond.

At the same time it is the most challenging connection you can have. Both need to have strong emphasis on learning and growing with each other; no problem can be ‘swiped under the carpet’. Everything what arises between them needs to be brought to the light; learning and expanding is the game. Otherwise great distance occurs and it takes a lot of effort to be ONE again.

Extremely beautiful and challenging times await you when you meet your Soul-mate…

are yet another aspect in the world of the Soul.

When you meet someone from the same Soul group you will also experience a strong familiarity and connection. Sometimes people believe that they have met their Soul-mate because the experience of closeness and understanding is similar.

I say similar… but not the same.

Not the same in the extent of depth and the feeling of being ONE.

Scroll down on this page and you can read more about Soul-families.


If you are interested to find out about your Soul-family, Soul-mate and Twin-Soul aspects,

just contact me. MURAM will give you clear answers in a Reading.




The meaning of Soul Families - Vol.1

The meaning of Soul Families - Vol.1

In this series I will share with you the different Soul Families I came across over the years,
giving you the possibility to recognize which Family you might belong to;
and this can add to a deeper understanding about yourself.

Soon after my Guide Muram announced his presence to me in 1985 he also began to communicate about Soul Families. I learned that each individual Soul belongs to a specific Family/Group, representing a particular energy on planet Earth.
Over the years Muram named a variety of Families and explained their qualities and learning's.
The names are the closest possible description of the particular energies.

The descriptions of the different energies relate to the inner and outer world at the same time.


Here is the first Family


Always striving for a higher point of view - Never satisfied with the status quo - Very goal orientated, wants to succeed

Not satisfied until reaching 'the top of the mountain' - Soon striving for the next 'mountain peak'

Wants to reach his goal fast, tries to avoid any side tracks - Usually impatient and easily can exhaust himself 

Needs to learn to follow side tracks that life presents to him. These side tracks often provide important experiences which eventually add to reaching ones goal in the long run.

Picture this:
You are on a long drive, trying to reach your destination in the fastest possible way. While having a break you come in contact with somebody interesting. But you cut it short because all what's on your mind is to reach the destination. You might have missed out on a valuable experience...

Also here some general knowledge on Soul Families

You will stay in your Soul Family throughout one life time (there is one family that is an exception, but this comes later)

You might join a different Family/Energy in your next incarnation

When you meet someone from your family you feel instantly a sense of 'knowing' and natural closeness

By living, expressing your Soul Family vibration you feel strongly connected to yourself


I will explain the next Family soon in Vol. 2




The meaning of Soul Families - Vol.2

The meaning of Soul Families - Vol.2

In this series I will share with you the different Soul Families I came across over the years,
giving you the possibility to recognize which Family you might belong to;
and this can add to a deeper understanding about yourself.

The descriptions of the different energies relate to the inner and outer world at the same time.



If you are part of this family you feel the strong need for movement on every level. Physical, emotional and also in your thought process. Movers usually have one area where they hardly move.
Myself belongs to this Group and I often need encouragement to get my body moving. If I don't my energy level can drop quite rapidly... Movers also have the task to move others, meaning to inspire, encourage and help them to move towards new inner and outer experiences. Movers want to 'get things going'...

Needs to learn to give him/herself movement in the area where it's lacking. Allow to happily move others.



A slower but steady energy is the expression of a builder. Nothing is rushed and well thought through. You can imagine it like building a house, starting with the fundament and adding one layer after another, step by step. Builders have the tendency to hold on for too long to the readily build. If they don't move on to the next building task their life flow decreases. 

Needs to learn to let go once something is readily build. Help others to build up what might be of value for them.

Also here some general knowledge on Soul Families

You will stay in your Soul Family throughout one life time (there is one family that is an exception, but this comes later)

You might join a different Family/Energy in your next incarnation

When you meet someone from your family you feel instantly a sense of 'knowing' and natural closeness

By living, expressing your Soul Family vibration you feel strongly connected to yourself


I will explain the next Family soon in Vol. 3




The meaning of Soul Families - Vol.3

The meaning of Soul Families - Vol.3

In this series I will share with you some of the different Soul Families I came across over the years, giving you the possibility to recognize which Family you might belong to;
and this can add to a deeper understanding about yourself.

The descriptions of the different energies relate to the inner and outer world at the same time.



The predominant goal of a Uniter Soul is to become aware and allow all the different aspects of oneself, eventually leading to the experience of internal Unity. Curiosity is the 'fuel' on this journey of self discovery.
The ability to refrain from judging oneself in either the 'Good' or 'Bad' category is crucial here. Otherwise aspects will be rejected and the inner state of separation can't be transformed.
Uniters are usually excellent team workers, they have the natural ability to bring people together and to help resolving obstacles within the group.

Needs to learn to refrain from judging certain aspects of oneself into 'Good' or 'Bad'. To develop a strong curiosity about oneself.



The so called Jumper Soul is an exception in the overall play of Soul Families. Jumpers are actually not a family group, they are like the 'singles' of the Universe.
On one hand it gives them the liberty to join/visit Soul families that are interesting for them for a while and to move on to another family within a lifetime. But it's also possible that a Jumper stays with one particular family that he wants to be part of for a long period.
On the other hand they carry a deep sense of not belonging and even loneliness that they often can't understand.
Jumpers are prone to make sudden changes in their life, don't stick to one career or environment. They are more like the Gypsies in the Universal play.
What they teach is flexibility and non-attachment. 

Needs to learn to understand and accept the sense of not belonging/loneliness. 

Also here some general knowledge on Soul Families

You will stay in your Soul Family throughout one life time (except Jumpers)

You might join a different Family/Energy in your next incarnation

When you meet someone from your family you feel instantly a sense of 'knowing' and natural closeness

By living, expressing your Soul Family vibration you feel strongly connected to yourself

There are many more families with different qualities MURAM has mentioned over the years. To explain all of them would be a lenghty process...

If you want to find out to which group you belong just contact me for a Reading.






Experiences during the 2018 Japan Tour

Experiences during the 2018 Japan Tour


See the Tour photos here

For the first time I visited Japan twice in a year; having been in Kyoto and Chigasaki during May and June. Part of this visit was to introduce my daughter Laura for the first time to Japan, and she loved it.

After her departure, Marika and I gave three weeks of private sessions in Chigasaki and we were super busy throughout the whole time.

Initially we wanted to work from Jochiji temple in Kamakura again but it was already booked for other events.

This way I learned a lot about this new area and I enjoyed the rather laid-back atmosphere in comparison to Kamakura where thousands of tourists stream in on a daily basis.

But luckily Jochiji was available at the beginning of the long October to December Tour.

I worked from there many times meanwhile and it feels like home from home. Still Kamakura is my favourite area in Japan, I feel a deep sense of belonging each time I connect with this special place filled with stunning shrines and temples.

Besides the many private sessions I gave for the first time the ‘Letting Go’ Seminar in Japan, So far I had given this Seminar online only. I was very happy to see all of the participants liberated from a deep restriction in their life.

I created this particular Seminar after my Guide Muram pointed out the significance of ‘Letting Go’ especially throughout 2018. Muram’s New Year message for 2018

Many people in Japan are severely restricted in their self expression by the stark social conditioning to always put others first and to be seen as a decent, ‘good’ person. Little confidence, being timid, rather shy and easily worried and anxious is the often seen result.

So my work there is not just giving Readings, Energy Healing and Seminars, but personal encouragement to live one’s life by just being “who I am”. And this is rather unusual for many…

Besides being my interpreter in the sessions Marika also does her splendid organizer work in Kamakura. Double work for her that she enjoys but can put her easily into stress vibration…

One night while we were sitting in the kitchen Marika suddenly screamed. First I thought she was badly stung by a mosquito again, but this time it was a centipede that had fallen from the ceiling and landed on her uncovered shoulder. The poison immediately triggered a swelling but luckily Marika knew how to avoid its expansion by pouring hot water on the wound. Later I learned that people with allergic reactions sometimes die from anaphylactic shock. Frantically I tried to catch the creature but it moved so fast that it was impossible. Marika yelled from the shower that I had to kill it, reluctantly I hit it with a shovel. But this wasn’t enough, I had to hit it over and over again until it stopped moving for good.

Writing this I still feel a sense of disgust in the stomach…

Later we checked with Muram what might have been the purpose of the experience. Muram explained that it was a help for Marika to express herself more freely and I could see it straight away. The bite wound is still visible and might stay as a life long reminder to always check the ceiling in old Japanese houses…

Yet another challenge arose when my body started with flue-like symptoms at the end of our schedule. Checking with Muram it became clear that my body was dealing with a bacterial infection contracted at a nearby Onsen (hot bath). The last two session days needed all my energy and I left Kamakura for our holiday destination, Yugawara, very exhausted. Soon after arrival, Marika came up with similar symptoms; she had been in the same bath. It turned out that the holiday was mostly about nursing each other and giving our bodies what Muram had advised.

On the bright side, we were able to arrive at our next destination, Nagoya, mostly recovered. I learned that people with a low immune system have died from this infection. From now on we will avoid Onsen where is little water flow, the environment where these little fellas can strive…

Tomoko, a long time client, had offered us to stay and work from her home. On arrival we were pleasantly surprised how spacious and comfortable her place is. And her care for our wellbeing was just wonderful to receive.

We also shared the house with flatmate Sachiko and as so often in my life I was again surrounded by three women. Some childhood experiences are deeply ingrained and attract similar circumstances…

Usually it’s only Marika and I staying in places during the Tour, so this was a bit of experiment how it would be living with other people while giving many sessions.

In total it worked out well and often it was fun and interesting to share the evenings together. But Marika was sometimes exhausted, her interpretation work didn’t end after the session day with so many curious questions towards me. My Japanese is still rather poor… More often I stayed out of the conversations for Marika’s ‘sanity’.

Our Organizer and long time client Tamae was very caring and engaged. Besides some minor hiccups the collaboration was enjoyable and fruitful. At the beginning we didn’t have many bookings yet and Tamae was rather worried. But I knew the word would spread quickly after the first sessions and this is how it happened. It was a good turnout at the end.

I met a lot of new and interesting clients in Nagoya; several coming also from far away, even Hiroshima.
A very nice attitude that people here don’t shy away from travelling to receive help and guidance.

The full day ‘Heart Healing Seminar’ was very intense and fulfilling. Seminars

Besides being happy to see the liberation people experienced, I realized that my ability to stay calm and focused, knowing what is necessary at any moment, had become even stronger. Very enjoyable for me to teach from this inner place…

Nagoya was the place to celebrate my 60th birthday. I felt quite uneasy about it, how could I ever get so ‘old’?! In most lives I died way before this age, a rather new experience for me now. What helped that is in Japan 60 is seen as the year of being newly born. I took this belief on board and used it in my meditation. The uneasy feeling turned into a happy looking forward energy, some beliefs are rather helpful; even it’s just a belief of course.

Tomoko, our host, is a Uni professor for religious studies. One day while driving together I said without thinking: “Actually I should give a talk to your students, someone Spiritual without religious belief might be a good example for them.
Tomoko is very spontaneous and was immediately up for it. On the last day in Nagoya I gave a Talk and Meditation to her class of 50 students. I was happy being able to give my input to these young people and many shared very profound experiences they had during the ‘Lifting the Veil of Oblivion’ Meditation. Meditation Video

I had never spoken in a University before; this was a rather exciting experience for me.

After the class Tomoko conveyed that she teaches a second class and asked if I could continue there straight away. Marika and I jumped in and the whole afternoon was spent at the Uni.

A perfect ending of our stay it was.

My 8th time to be and work in Shima started, yet another home from home.

This is a more rural part where most people live from the sea, just one hour from the famous Ise Grand Shrine. Often people also come for sessions from far away and combine it with a visit to the Shrine and/or a holiday in this beautiful area.

After the intense time in Nagoya arriving in Shima was very refreshing as always.  Having a car again provided from friends was lovely and we could visit many of the beautiful beaches surrounded by cute islands.

And re-connecting with all the people Marika and I know for so long was heart warming.

I also gave the ‘Letting Go Seminar’, which for Shima I designed as a 3 hour mini Seminar. This was a bit challenging, not knowing how I can fit the process into this short time frame.

Eventually we were together for nearly 4 hours and so it worked all perfectly.

There were many tears during the event and at the end everyone felt bright and shining.

After the last session was done we went to Toba for two nights in a seaside hotel, indulged on the very delicious food and just relaxed before our return flight from Osaka was due.

Thank you Japan for yet another precious experience, until we meet again in 2019!


33 years channeling MURAM – a homage

33 years channeling MURAM – a homage

Yes, it’s been a long journey already channelling and voicing Muram’s wisdom;
and counting…

I can’t say how many thousands of people received ‘his’ support on their life’s journey so far, I began to channel ‘him’ when I was just 26.

Of course ‘he’ also has been and still is an invaluable source for my own journey, family and friends; a long time friend in Spirit.

I feel blessed that 'he' chose me to be his ‘interpreter’, teaching me along the way.
I can’t imagine any more fulfilling work than to be ‘his’ Channel. ‘His’ Being also opened my natural abilities as Energy Healer, enabling me to live another significant aspect of my Soul purpose.

 ‘His’ guidance is clear, ‘down to earth’ and practical as well, easy to understand and relate to for most people. And all the Light (awareness) that he gives is supposed to empower people, re-connecting them with their own wisdom and Soul path.

 So this is a letter of gratitude to the Spirit Guide Muram,
who is always available to give ‘his’ guidance on any issu

Here are some examples:

- Muram helped and helps to understand the purpose within relationships, if it’s family matters, between couples or working relations.

- ‘He’ can see why we chose our parents, siblings and life circumstances in the first place.

- ‘He’ points out our learning within certain relationships, how to overcome problems and difficulties.

- ‘He’ gives clear information on our chosen Soul purpose and which steps to take in order to fulfil it, which area of life suits us to work in    accordance of our path.

- Past Lives that are still significant to understand and sometimes to be healed are conveyed in detail.

- The Soul family one belongs to and what the meaning of the connection is.

- ‘He’ sees root causes of health problems and gives practical guidance towards Healing in a natural way.

- Advise on suitable diet and how to detoxify the body.

- ‘He’ sees individual crystals and plants that support one’s life.

- ‘He’ sees disturbing entities in houses or attached to people and helps to clear them.

- ‘He’ gives us a detailed message on what to expect for every New Year.  MESSAGES

- Nothing is too mundane for ‘him’ to be answered; ‘he’ helps with timing to buy or sell.

- When to move, go on a journey or change your work.

- How to set up a business or how to expand an existing one and what Logo or title reflects ones business energetically the best.

- ‘He’ helps to find lost pets and items.

I don’t think that I covered all the aspects of ‘his’ work but surely you get a good picture here. And as I see it from now, I will be ‘his’ voice until my transition back to the Spirit world…

Here you can read more about Muram,  ABOUT MURAM

And here you find several session testimonials, TESTIMONIALS



2017 Japan Tour experience

2017 Japan Tour experience

See the Tour photos here

Again this year KAMAKURA was the first location, my favourite area in Japan.

Jochiji temple was awaiting us, everything was carefully prepared in the house for our stay. The energy of the temple area is very peaceful and I love to stay in old type Japanese houses with Tatami rooms, it feels so natural.

Talking about natural there is one aspect that I have a problem with, cockroaches.

And to my disgust already on arrival a really big one was running around in the house. Marika is always the saviour here, she catches them in no time with a bag. How often I had to yell out to her in Kamakura – Gokiburi alert!

Two days after arrival we started with the sessions, the four weeks schedule was already 2/3 booked by the time. At the end it was a full house so to say with a wonderful mix of people, many of them I meet every year and also a good amount of ‘newcomers’.

It makes me always happy to hear then the reports from the people I met the year before. The vast majority made great improvements in their life’s.

Besides being the interpreter in the sessions Marika also functions as the organiser in Kamakura. We have been working together already during seven Tours in Japan and we became a fantastic team. And each year things become even more easy flowing.

We had more young people this year and both of us were delighted to see their basic clarity and greater awareness compared to many of the older generations. It left us with a sense of hope for the future of humanity as a whole.

Mostly there is a ‘downside’ as well in whatever place I work. Here in Jochiji autumn is a busy time to clear the area from fallen leaves. And the workers love to use these super noisy Leaf blowers. Several times we had to stop them, it was just too disturbing during sessions. Also many visitors are very disturbed by the noise in their search for tranquillity.

Later I talked with the temple master about it and he agreed to make a change. I also contacted one of my past clients who works for Panasonic to invent a silent blower; ‘possible to do’ he said. I hope this will be sorted before my next visit.

Before the Tour I developed a new form of Healing that is focused on expanding and clearing the heart vibration. There was great resonance to the Heart Healing sessions and also the Group Healing events. I was happy that I had the intuition to practice this Healing and could give it now for the first time in Japan. There is always more to develop and create…

Now here is more on the cockroaches and me… one night when I couldn’t sleep I decided to communicate with the group soul of these creatures. I made it very strong that the house is our territory and any invader will be under great danger to be killed.

And yes it had an effect, for quite a while no more Gokiburi in the house, great.

Meanwhile there was a pile of plastic bags sitting at the back door with trapped crawlies.

I didn’t want to kill any and so I decided to release them in the forest nearby. Opening bag after bag and let them jump out took all my courage, the sense of disgust was overwhelming. Back in the house I was trembling from the experience…

Marika encouraged me to check with Muram where this strong reaction comes from and we did. Besides having experienced a Samurai life in Kamakura I had another life in the northern part of Japan, Aomori. I already was aware of this life but not that it was the background of my cockroach problem.

Muram explained that during a time of famine I was forced as a child to eat these creatures, a necessity for survival. It wasn’t easy to deal with the images that Muram showed me, I felt really sick.

But of course now I understood well and soon my feeling toward the crawlies changed a lot. Just at the end of our stay a real big one was in the kitchen, testing me. I didn’t feel disgusted anymore, was able to catch it myself and release it happily into the wild.

What a relief and now I can look forward even more to my next stay!

The four full on weeks in Kamakura passed very quickly, soon it was time to pack up again and send our belongings to Kyoto.
But before going on with sessions we had a good holiday. Back in NZ we already had booked an interesting hotel in beautiful Hakone.
Me especially felt drawn to be there as Charlie Chaplin, my all time favourite comedian, once was a guest. And yes, it turned out to be a great choice. After the 3 nights there we both felt energised and ready for the Kyoto experience.

On arrival at the Centre in KYOTO we were greeted by Margie who owns the place and usually uses it for her ‘Magnified Healing’ Seminars. We were stunned by the beauty of the interior, wonderfully created by her and her husband Ko. Quite a luxury being able to stay and work in this place…
The same evening we were invited to a fantastic welcome dinner, Rieko our organiser also joined. A lovely start in Kyoto indeed.

Rieko, a long time client of mine, turned out to be a fabulous organiser and everything went very smooth and easy. The schedule was well attended but not so packed like in Kamakura, so we had time for several outing days to explore the greater area. And Kyoto is full with stunningly beautiful temples and shrines, one could spend weeks to visit all of them. The Japanese sense for excellent craftsmanship and beauty is just outstanding.

Usually we take two days to set up the place after arrival but this time I needed to start the next day already. Besides Margie and Ko several more people from Hong Kong wanted to participate in the first Group Healing/Meditation Seminar. Also everyone wanted the following day a combined session before returning to Hong Kong.
The mix of Japanese and Hong Kong people in the Seminar was very interesting and enjoyable. I always like it when different cultures come together… My connections to Hong Kong became quite strong now and I decided to visit and work there next year as well.
Again a very new experience awaits me…

 I met a lot of new people in Kyoto in the sessions, several coming from quite far away areas. Having to travel for many hours is not a hindering for many, for me a very refreshing attribute In Japan. In New Zealand you have to be right there in the area, otherwise no one would turn up usually.

 Kyoto also had it’s ‘downside’, the noisy environment was often stressful. Across the road was a big construction site and the big wholesale market was very close. Constantly workers in their loud trolleys went up and down the street, even at night there was no brake. This became quite exhausting at the end and we both were really looking forward to move on to Shima.

So nice to be out of the city environment, quiet nights, fresh sea breeze and beautiful nature at the doorstep. It didn’t take long and we felt refreshed by being in SHIMA again.

My seventh visit already, I feel like a local here knowing every street and shop. Being able to drive a car again added to the sense of feeling liberated. Sayuri, client and friend, kindly hands us one of her cars whenever we are in the area.

Most of the clients I know since long and it’s always a warm welcome when I turn up again.

Also for the first time I gave a Talk & Meditation evening on ‘Conscious Creating’. We are constantly creating but usually we are not aware of what we actually create and then we wonder… Conscious Creating comes from a very different state of awareness and I gave the participants the tools to create what they really want to…
I very much enjoyed the process and the Heart Healing Seminar later was very moving and uplifting. The session turnout was lower then all the years before, I took it as a sign to shorten the schedule in Shima next year. I would have liked to work more.

We spent our last holiday at a very nice sea side resort, we had been there twice before. Stunning views gorgeous sunsets, fantastic food and big swimming pool and Onsen (hot spa). The perfect ending of the 3 month Tour, soon it was time to fly back to ‘the land of the long white cloud’… Sayonara Japan until my next visit in 2018!




See photos from the Tour at the

The first morning after arrival we had a radio interview in Nagoya. Still tired and jet lagged Marika and me could talk about the Tour and my work in general.
One of my clients who works there had invited us for the show and it gave me a sense of instant clarity where I am… back in Japan finally!
It had been more then a year since my return from the previous Tour and I missed Japan already. I was very much looking forward to the new experience...

Soon after the Interview we made our way to Shima/Ise. My fifth time already to be there, it feels meanwhile like a home from home.

The weeks before leaving Wellington had been very busy and we wanted a relaxed beginning in Japan, Shima is perfect for this purpose.

Over the years many clients became friends and the sense of community is very comforting. So much of kind support, we even get a car provided what helps a lot in this more rural part of the country.

One of the Healing sessions with a man was especially moving. He had never been to a Reading or Healing before but followed his intuition to book in after he felt a strong pull checking my web-site.

Tears of relief streamed down his face while lying in my arms after the Healing and he couldn’t believe what has happened. He hadn’t cried for as long has he could remember, always tried to be ‘strong’ and composed. It was a miracle for him and I was deeply moved by his opening up, a deep experience for both of us.

The beautiful soul of the corporate, always in control man started to shine through…

For the first time I offered a men’s only group in Japan at our second destination Kamakura. Eager he wanted to join in, coming all the way for the experience. And he did.

Japanese in general don’t hesitate to travel long distances to come for sessions and seminars, a great attitude I find. So refreshing compared to the general attitude in NZ where a bit of travel already a hindering is.

After 3 weeks of sessions, talk, meditation and group healing events it was finally time for a longer travel to Kamakura, my favourite place. The past life there as a Samurai with Marika together is still very much alive in me. So interesting that she chose Kamakura again as her home town in this life…

As before we could stay and work from Jochiji temple, a wonderful setting in beautiful nature. Kamakura is usually extremely busy, many clients also coming over from not far away Tokyo. And it turned out to be busier then ever, all possible sessions where booked.

It’s a real challenge not to get into deep exhaustion during a Tour. Nature walks and soaking in an Onsen (hot spa) provide at least some relaxation and re-charge. Also a good massage now and again is quite essential.

Still I had two near breakdowns and Marika also one, you can’t fully avoid it in working with so many different people and energies.

Besides all the many sessions the Group Healing event was packed with lovely people.

At least two men joined in as well, so often there are only women in the Seminars. Men in Japan are still lagging behind a lot in general, the strong social conditioning on how a man should be prevents them to look after themselves.

This became even clearer during the men’s seminar where we worked on becoming aware and releasing each one’s limiting conditionings. Especially how one should be in order to be deemed ‘strong’ was a main topic.

As I expected the first men’s group ever was a smaller group. But it was very intense and the absence of woman made a big difference. All the participants commented that they feel more relaxed and at ease than in a mixed group. In women-only groups it’s quite a similar experience, the whole ‘gender play’ is non existent and then people are more natural and uninhibited.

I surely will continue to offer men’s groups, I am confident that it will grow in popularity over time… and that I can give the input toward a more equal society.

After the intense and enjoyable time in Jochiji all we needed was a holiday. We decided to spend 3 nights in a wonderful hotel in Kyoto.  Quiet, close to nature and some amazing   temples. On arrival we had the nice experience to be upgraded from a room to a whole suit. What a treat… as well as the amazing Japanese service and food buffet of course.

Just at the time, in a big event building across the road, an international atomic industry conference took place. As there are no coincidences we took it as a chance to send as much light to the hundreds of people involved in this dark business. What the effect was I obviously can’t say but at least we gave the possible best input in this situation.

Well recharged we made our way to Osaka. I usually avoid the big concrete jungles but when we checked the Tour destinations with my guide Muram he pointed us towards Osaka. Somehow reluctantly we followed ‘his’ advice but everything fell into place swiftly.

On arrival I was relieved to see our place; nicer and more spacious than I expected. Nanako, our organiser, offered us to stay and work from her cute Romilomi massage studio, luckily in a more quiet area of this massive city.

At the beginning the bookings were still quite low but this changed quickly and we became very busy again. Japanese are quick to pass on what’s of value to friends and relatives; often we have then whole families coming for sessions. This quality of communication I miss very much in NZ, people tend to keep things to themselves instead of sharing happily.

While in a Reading I suddenly felt like being on a ship in choppy waters, an earthquake had the house rolling. I had to disconnect with Muram for some minutes, being stunned but not afraid. For Marika it was similar but the client was a bit anxious. Still we could continue after a short while, all was settled again.

The second lighter quake happened during the ‘Awaken to your true self” Seminar. All the participants were in the deep Meditation called ‘connecting with mother earth’. The lights began to sway just at the moment when it was time to communicate with the planet. Marika and me had to hold on not bursting into laughter. “Thank you mother earth for the immediate response”. Later we found out that the quakes epicentre was in the local area… Most of the participants didn’t even recognize it while being in deep Meditation.

One of the last Healing sessions with a severely handicapped young man was very moving. While giving him Healing I suddenly received some clear images connected to his condition. Japanese mountaineer, froze to death as a young man in 1923 during a blizzard… I had tears and kept on working to integrate and harmonise the past experience.

After the session I conveyed what I saw to the mother and she commented that since young he always liked to be in hot water, didn’t want to leave the bathtub…

Later Marika and I investigated on the Internet and we found information and images of a young Japanese mountaineer who died 1923 in the way I saw it during the session. Immediately I recognised him on one of the images, we were stunned and excited.

We passed the information on to the family who obviously was even more stunned and excited about the revelation. Now they also could revisit the mountain with him, another important aspect of his Healing was about to happen…

Soon our time in Osaka would come to an end and we still had 2 more weeks to spend.

Initially I had offered a free Healing Seminar to the earthquake effected people in Kumamoto at the end of the Tour. But somehow it didn’t come together; I guess the free remote Healing from NZ for a hundred people was already enough what I had to give…

We decided to return to Shima, opened 3 more session days and a free Meditation/Healing event to the community. Also we would have enough free time to relax and travel places we haven’t been before.

Many people in Shima had been lured into a very misleading business venture, covered as something highly spiritual. In a Reading with Muram it became clear what intentions were behind this and how it affected people.

During a ritual the first eye (the chakra on the forehead) was intentionally blocked, making these people more unstable and easy to be manipulated into a nasty money sucking system.

Many people in more rural Japan are basically very naive and are an easy prey for this sort of exploitation.

Luckily Muram came up with a solution, a symbol that would clear the blocked area. Everyone in the group felt cleared instantly, many were stunned by the heat they felt after the release meditation. Faces, hands and feet were red and buzzing for some time.

We were both very happy to see so many people liberated and to receive their immense gratitude.

The next day I felt a bit sick and basically uneasy. Marika proposed to have a check with Muram and it became clear that I was energetically attacked by ‘the dark lord’ of the business, angry that I had disturbed their cunning agenda. In the past I learned to face and come close to dark energies with as much love as possible. They can’t withstand love and light energy and have to leave. It also worked very well this time…

Our last holiday led us to Akame, 3 hours drive from Shima into the mountains. We dived into a magical world of intense autumn colours. The track with 14 waterfalls on the way was just stunning, the highlight of all the outings we had during this Tour.

On the last morning I convinced Marika to join a Ninja training course with me. Akame is one of two main areas where Ninja warriors were trained in the past.

Dressed up in Ninja outfit we had several tasks to accomplish that required a lot of strength and sense of balance. It was great fun for both of us and now we can also offer our service as certified Ninja’s… how good is that.

Soon it was time to say goodbye for now to our Shima friends.

A longer train trip again was coming up, back to Kamakura for 2 nights before flying out from Narita airport. Two more sessions were also booked, one of them a Healing session for my beloved uncle during my Samurai life. As always it was very moving to connect with him, we recognise each other to the core being. Quite weak and frail he always gets much stronger and lively after a Healing and meeting me. His wife is always stunned by the sudden change she can see…

Icy cold and heavy snow in November is very unusual, but this was the weather condition on our departure day. It’s always sad for me to leave Japan but at the same time I was looking forward to the clear air and skies of NZ, the feeling of spaciousness at home and the little population after the big crowds of people in Japan.

I am looking forward to the next Tour in 2017!



This story highlights the significance of deeper understanding in order for HEALING to occur…

December 2015 my body developed some strong pain in the left knee and I hardly could
walk anymore. The knee began to swell up and bending was impossible, the pain became agonising. I only remembered that I had twisted the knee a bit while carrying some heavier stuff during our move into a new house…

On advice of my Guide MURAM I went to the hospital. MURAM conveyed that I would need a knee support and possibly crutches to allow the knee to be free of any stress.
The problem is a dislocated meniscus and I would have a 50/50 chance to heal it without operation. Physiotherapy once the swelling is down would be helpful as well, MURAM said.

After 2 weeks on crutches I received the first physiotherapy session. The practitioner confirmed that it’s a meniscus problem; to no surprise the hospital came up with a different diagnosis…

Slowly the condition started to improve, I could walk only on one crutch now.
Then the right knee began to be painful, swelling occurred and I couldn’t put any weight on.

This switch from left to right leg went on for about 2 months, sometimes I felt quite desperate. Hard to find a pain-free sleeping position, limping along during day time…
Physiotherapy just helped so much and also further advice from MURAM on the pure physical level eased the condition just slightly.
I gave my body self healing often and also used Meditation as a tool to heal. But progress still was minimal…

Before going to sleep I often thought about dying, making already plans in my head what to finalise before I move on and reflecting a lot on my life so far.
One night I got a strong sense that there must be another layer involved, possibly a past life trauma. Otherwise I would be way better already and the persistent thought process about death was very out of character…

Asking MURAM ‘he’ pointed out the life I had during the first World War as a German fighter pilot. I knew about this life already, about 15 years ago ‘He’ explained this life to me but we never went into real details.
I knew that I had been shot down but survived and that I had been in hospital for several months. But what was new is that I had badly burned legs from the crash and it took long until I could walk at least on crutches.
Eventually I was able to leave hospital. But my body gave in soon after from some internal lung damage that had not been detected.

Now I understood why all these thoughts about death. Crutches, pain, not being able to walk properly brought up the past trauma, overshadowing the present reality.
Being able to see myself in this situation through MURAM’S ‘eyes’ I instantly felt lighter,
a cloud of pain and despair leaving me. What a huge relief!

The past blockage is not an issue anymore and the recovery made tremendous progress.
The self healing energies have been working freely now.
2 weeks have passed since I received the past life insight from MURAM and I can walk alright, free of pain. Still I have to take it slower than usual, the loss of muscle volume has been a lot. But with the right exercises I will get there too; so I can run, bike and eventually play tennis again; besides other physical activities that I enjoy…



Winning Photo

Winning Photo

Amazing Kumano Nachi Shrine in Wakayama Prefecture

A very nice recognition of my photo from the Japan Embassy in Wellington...

I joined the annual photo competition and the shot was voted first in the general public category, nice.

In total there were about 120 entries, many also very beautiful pics from all over Japan.

I remember vividly this stunning temple high up in the mountains, walking approx. 1000 steps together with Marika until we reached the top. This was on a holiday during the 2009 Tour.

The waterfall in the background is regarded as the true nature god and cleansing rituals happen there.

Interestingly the competition staff members at first did not believe that it was taken in Japan but in China... after searching the net of course they found the temple pictured.
And yes, the very bright appearance is quite unusual for Japan and more often seen in China.

Hope you like it too...


2006 Tokyo experience

Before the trip I made a very precise wish list on what I would need in Tokyo.

I painted a clear picture of the accommodation/session room I wanted and in what area, on how the organizing would work, how many sessions I wanted to give and also the possibility to reach more people through attention from the media.

I also felt that I really would like to meet a woman I would be able to connect with and wrote it down in detail. After two years of ‘abstinence’ I felt a readiness in me again, so I put it on my wish list as well.

In my meditation I went through every detail of my vision and connected as deep as possible with the joy I could feel by creating this reality. I’ve send it out into to Universe, letting go completely from any more thoughts about it, curious on how Spirit would respond...

With the help of Chris and Elli everything what had to be organized gradually fell into place. I had met both of them at one of my Talks on my visit in 2005 and Elli became my interpreter. A friendship between the three of us developed and before I went back to New Zealand we agreed that they would be my organizers for the 2006 Tour.

What was still not resolved six weeks before my arrival this time was my accommodation and session room and I began to get a bit nervous...

I remember Elli's call vividly, telling me they just had received an offer to rent a nice house in the Omotesando area. Both of them had wished for moving into a place like this for some month now. We checked the place over the phone with my guide Muram and it became clear that it was their place to be... Despite many people lining up already to rent the place, amongst other 'obstacles', within two weeks they became the new tenants - against all odds.

The house was big enough for all of us, so my accommodation and session room also became realized in a very unexpected way. And it was in the area that I had visualized in the first place, even the Tatami room I had wished for was provided.

In my experience the answer to a wish usually comes in unexpected ways and in it's own 'time' as well, trying to have it in a particular way and at a particular time is just a waste of energy and can be very frustrating. The trick is to do what ever you can and then let go and trust...

Shortly before I left New Zealand an email arrived from a film director, saying he would like to meet me in Tokyo and possibly make a documentary about my work. At the time it sounded quite vague and I didn't make to much out of it. But I would meet him anyway and then see, maybe it was the answer to my wish on more media publicity?

More then two hundred One on One sessions, four Talks and four Workshops happened during the 10 weeks, I needed all my strength and determination. At the same time it was delightful to work with Japanese people again, in general they just move me a lot and my heart responds easily to them.

Compared to my last trip it was fantastic to see that any Healing process happened even faster, quite often major results appeared just after one session. Many people had breakthroughs and were able to experience for the first time the immortal Soul that they are... These experiences were so rewarding for me, that it allowed me to get on with the huge schedule. Also the company with Elli and Chris of course was a big factor in that.
After having met Tomo the director it became clear to me that his approach was very genuine, but I still had some reservations about the project. They faded away after I met Rumi from Funai Media who was interested in producing the DVD. Now I really could see it happening and that it actually was the answer to my wish, I became quite excited.

Counting it all together the shooting took at least one week. To not interfere in my already busy schedule, I decided to extend my stay for another two weeks. I remember the last shots just the day before I left Tokyo... looking at the DVD now I find it has been worthwhile the big effort and I am really grateful for the opportunity. It certainly can give people an honest and simple direction towards Spirituality...

During the project my body developed a tooth infection and my left cheek began to swell up quite significant. I still had several days booked with sessions at the time and we were in the middle of the documentary. Obviously I didn't want to appear on the DVD looking like a 'balloon', so I did everything possible with the help of Muram to bring the swelling down. It was a slow process, too slow in this case. I needed the help of a dentist and it turned out to be a extremely painful procedure. The swelling came down to a degree so that we could continue shooting, but people who know me will still recognize that I look 'a bit different' in some sequences on the DVD.

My body had given me a clear signal and I had to acknowledge the state of exhaustion I was in. Whenever I had a break, I spent time in Yoyogi Park, connecting with Mother Earth. It helped my body to re-charge at least to some extent, but I also knew that after my return to New Zealand I would need a longer period of relaxation...

When Marika came to her first session we both felt an instant familiarity. It revealed that we were both from the same Soul-Family and later it also became clear that we had a past life experience together in Japan. After we had met several times and connected more and more our old story came vividly into my awareness. In that moment time completely disappeared and I saw myself as a Japanese warrior on a horse getting hit by a spear and an arrow. I felt the extreme pain in my body at present and tried in tears to explain to Marika what I just had come in touch with.

She immediately was able to 'tune in' and it showed that she was with me at the time, trying to save me from dying, but without success. In a pool of tears we could see having been Samurai in Kamakura and the closest friends...

The Healing process of our old connection had started and with more insight from Muram the whole picture became crystal clear. I also could now understand why I had this feeling of 'coming home' already on my first trip to Japan and also my attraction to Kamakura, it had been the first place I visited outside of Tokyo in 2005...

Again Spirit had answered a wish of mine in unexpected ways and I was very grateful that Marika had been guided to meet me again.

All of this happened just in the last two weeks of my stay between everything else and so our time together was very limited. But meanwhile we have met in New Zealand twice and  we will continue to do so, latest on my next visit to 'the land of the crow'...



2005 Tokyo experience

Coming to Tokyo for the first time was the big culture shock in the beginning.

I have lived for the last 6 years in New Zealand only, in coastal areas or in the countryside, avoided as much as possible city vibes. NZ is a country with just 4 million people and lots of space. And by the way the cities in NZ compared to Tokyo are small townships. Shortly after my arrival to Tokyo absolutely every arrangement fell to pieces. The venue for my Talks and Workshops had been cancelled, the organizers dropped out as well as my translator and accommodation didn’t turn out to be suitable. What a shamble that was. On top of that my body developed the worst flu ever.

I was exhausted and in despair, very close to pack my bags and leave…

It took more then 2 weeks with the help from my guide Muram, my friend Cameron and others I had already met and worked with, until finally everything fell into place. But all the arrangement that weren’t right in the first place had to fall to dust before the New could emerge, like the Phoenix rising from the ashes. My new interpreter Elli turned out to be a true gem, the new venue was great and the accommodation I had been offered turned out to be fabulous this time.

Looking back I see this part of the trip was a huge learning for me in determination as well as trust. Right from the start I was struck by the beauty and the grace of so many of the Japanese people.

I also was delighted to what degree people were interested and receptive on what I have to give.

I saw many of them grow and blossoming in these 2 month, and the appreciation and gratitude I received gave me lots of joy and moved me deeply.

I made new friends and in contrary to other Asian countries I had visited before, I began to feel more and more at home. It became clear that people in Tokyo are really hungry for awareness/spirituality.

I never gave so many sessions over a period of 2 month like on this occasion, what was great and also very demanding. There were just little breaks in between that allowed me to explore some areas of Tokyo together with Cameron. To work with an interpreter was another new experience for me. And it worked so well with Elli, it felt completely in the flow, like one unit.

I also enjoyed working on a three day Yoga retreat at Mount Fuji. Even the weather was wet and cloudy so I couldn’t see the mountain at all, it felt refreshing to be away for a while from the concrete jungle and closer to nature again. Despite all the difficulties in the beginning my Heart and Soul was moved by the experience, and many of the people I came in contact with from a variety of cultures really grew on me.

I knew I would be back.

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