About Muram

Muram in his last life on planet earth
as an American Indian Shaman.

appeared to me for the first time in this life during a meditation with friends and relatives. I was 26 at the time and I never consciously had done any meditation before. I remember feeling a tingling sensation on my crown chacra (top of the head) combined with a pulling upwards.  It felt like me being a puppet on a invisible string into my head.

I was guided to go to everyone in the group and put my hands over particular area’s of their bodies one by one. I was more in a trance like state without having any control on what I did. The result was an outburst on emotions with everyone, it seemed like everything what had been suppressed came to the surface within moments. And obviously no one understood what was going on, me included. But I was not scared, more curiously surprised and somehow it felt familiar to me.

The next days I experienced uncontrollable speeches. Often during a normal conversation with someone another Energy took over and I had to pass on messages. Slowly I learned to switch on and off by will what made my life easier…
‘The Energy” told me it’s name, Muram, and let me know that from now on he wanted to communicate through me. His gentle and strong energy felt so familiar and it became clear that we had met before. In one American Indian life we were living in the same tribe, had a friendship he being the medicine man.
Another Channel-medium revealed to me in a session that I had been a Channeler in three different life times before. Instantly I was able to remember every detail of the experiences I had. I was deeply moved and now understood that I had chosen again to be a Medium for Spirit.
Soon it became clear that Muram could see and help with anything what we asked for. A completely new world opened up for me, my family and friends. I practiced for about a year on working with 'him' until I felt ready again to live my vocation in 1985.

Muram like others who have completed their cycle on Earth took on the role as a supporter for Soul’s in the human experience. His vast experiences on every level are a true gift to humanity and I feel blessed to be his Medium.

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